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Biomolecular kits

If you would the best biomolecular kits for your research then take a look at what GC Biotech has to offer. You can find many sequencing kits used in genomic research and other scientific fields. There are different brands you can choose from such as Bioline and Cleanna. For molecular weight markers to separate molecules which are usually of the same weight one can use Bioline’s producst as well. In the same category in GC Biotech’s webshop one can find methods and components for nucleic acid isolation, there are sets of nucleotides, PCR enzymes and mixes, and real-time PCR kits and more. Such as the materials for cloning, epigentics research and core reagents for a lot of uses.

In the shop of GC Biotech there are plenty of accessories for biomolecular studies as well as the needed equipment, tools and workstations. BiOptic provides some of these, but DeNovix, TANBead, BioNex offer some good quality devices for high performance and sound research.

Tools and workstations

When you need a robust workstation in that case GC Biotech got exactly what you need. BioNex provides some of the best automation and plate handling methods. Containers come in the forms of vials, micro-tubes, reagent containers, microplate well, test tubes and other vessel in which samples can be stored and processed. Quality tools can make a project much easier. Save time and get the results you want in a consistent way. The workstations and devices can perform every time in the same way giving you the necessary consistency for sound analysis. Read more about these useful products on our webshop. Visit the link to GC Biotech for all your goods used in biochemical, biomolecular and pharmaceutical research.

See our webshop

For more information on high performance devices for scientific research on biochemical reactions take a look at GC Biotech’s shop. You will find many products and biomolecular kits that can aid any professional in the field of biomolecular sciences. Create solid results with solid equipment.

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