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Learning Dutch is easy!

People are avoiding Dutch courses in Amsterdam because they think learning Dutch is too hard. But this is not true! Learning Dutch can be easy if you follow the right Dutch courses in Amsterdam and practise enough. In this article we will describe why it is easy to learn the Dutch language.


You can start anywhere and when you want

When you know the basics of a new language, such as grammar, basic vocabulary and key phrases, you can easily have a conversation. When you have this knowledge and conversate at a regular base, your Dutch will improve. You will make rapidly progress when you practise day to day. Practising with the grammar will help you improve you even more.


Search for like-minded people

During Dutch courses in Amsterdam you will meet like-minded people. If you stay in contact with them and agree to practice together, you will improve a lot faster than when you study on your own. There are also special Facebook groups where you can find people who want to do the same. Another thing you can do is to find a native Dutch speaker who want to learn English or the language you are speaking. You can exchange knowledge about your language and help each other with learning the language.


Don’t mind making mistakes

Making mistakes is human, so don’t be afraid to make them. It makes sense that you make mistakes in the learning process. And even Dutch people often make mistakes when they are speaking Dutch. When you try to speak a new language, you will translate the words in your head, but this will not make a perfect structured sentence. Most of the time people will understand you. And if they don’t, they will ask you to repeat what you said.