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The new way of working, five tantalizing statements

The new way of working, five tantalizing statements

I wonder for quite some time now about the cry for the new way of working. Also the different meaning of the concept of regularly surprises me. In particular the ICT component. Strange, because actually I’m avid supporter of the idea. This requires explanation. That follows below in five tantalizing objectives.

Statement 1: the term the new way of working has to be replaced.

A statement with the word ‘new’ has in itself a limited shelf life. New will get old automatically. In addition to this, there is an eponymous book by a Microsoft employee who has a strong link with this enterprise. A more neutral label is desired. A third argument is that new is not always better. The new way of working, is mainly about using internet, you name it: internet work. A nice chronological trilogy arises: internet (the technology), Internet access (private use), internet works (business use of the internet). Add some dates to it and everyone gets it. The term also in one word captures the multidisciplinary (technical, social, economic) character: internet, networking, inter-networks, internet-work, net-work. So from now on: internet work!

Statement 2: successful internet work requires the freedom of end users.

Individuals equipped with laptop and internet are currently more innovative than organizations. Especially when people work together with other people. Thess interconnected knowledge workers know their way on the internet. They work with their favorite devices in combination with open-and online software. They flock in social online networks, manage their own knowledge chain and deliver innovative services in an innovative manner. No wonder that the office interiors industry is now marketing interior design concepts with the word Agile Working. In organizations exactly the same happens. But then often against the rules of Corporate ICT. Their rules are designed for efficient management of ICT resources, not for maximum effectiveness of emancipated knowledge workers. Administrators keep track of security, are protective and by nature do not like letting things loose. They put a brake on innovation. To increase the innovative capacity of organisations a modern and free approach to ICT policy is needed. The current day and age needs end users and their computers and gadgets to be largely free!

Statement 3: Internet work requires open and online software.

There is a functional reference architecture coming up for internet work. Based entirely on the world’s best open-and online software. At home, on the road and in the Office, for each process there are excellent alternatives for products from IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. All just available via the web. Especially relevant for project and network organizations up to 250 employees. For example, choose an online office environment for Google Apps, Zimbra or Zoho. Perfect to combine with Open Office. Fine integration with mobile. Start with a simple CRM application as Highrise and growth through to Salesforce.com. Anytime, anywhere, anyone can work together. On all types of computers and operating systems, without licenses, contracts or fixed costs. Keep it simple: use open and online software!

Objective 4: Internet work requires local services.

To change from a land-related method with conventional ICT to internet working really needs to investigate each individual goals , processes and functionality. Following the adoption of the matching mix of open-and online software configuration. In addition, users will need to be trained. Just get in a class is the most effective. Then there are provide remote technical support but also on location. And that is not a fixed location. Offices will have more ‘collaborating spaces‘ in ther future. In the city of Glasgow there are many examples of the. Most office furniture for these projects has been supplied by McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow. A service desk that functional support on the full range of software used is also inevitable. Preferably in the local language of course. Finally, the internet working Nomad can join a public workplace near his home, now that is real agile working. To do his work and to the people. Successful internet work requires local services! 

5: Internet work gives freedom.

In this day and age of individualization, people set their own goals in life. Powered by innovative tools, services, knowledge, skills and competences they can design their own individual lifestyle. Thanks to internet work almost anything is possible. Travel where you want, live where you want, work hard, or not. In your own time, on itself to choose locations. With whom you want. The border between work, play and private life are faded. The border between organizing and organizations equally. It gives freedom to independent of location and time to do your thing. Everyone can have his own ideal business mix. Internet work gives freedom!

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