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5 book novelties to broaden your horizons. These books will help you make discoveries about how our brains work. Through incredible stories, they will reveal the secrets and wisdom of life.

The Secret Life of the Brain by Mariano Sigman

World bestseller from neuroscientist. The book explores the mysteries of the human mind from and to, right down to the back streets. You will learn how a person, from the very first days of life, has all sorts of ideas and thoughts, how dreams arise and imagination works, how our brain and our personality change with it. Random quote from a random page:

Consider a moral issue. “You are in a tram without brakes, which is rolling on the rails and is about to run over 5 people … You know for sure that you cannot stop the tram. There is only 1 choice. You can move the arrow to another path where there is only 1 person. ” Will you translate the arrow?

Gina Rippon’s Gender Brain

This book, through scientific facts and data, simply smashes into smithereens all the myths and prejudices that one s_x can be smarter than the other. The author of the book says that in fact our brain has no gender, that only our attitudes determine our destiny. In addition, we will learn about why the behavior of boys and girls is different and how gender stereotypes affect modern science.

“Do No Harm” by Henry Marsh

The world super-bestseller about the life of a famous neurosurgeon is now in paperback, which means it has become even more accessible for each of us! In his book, Henry Marsh shares incredible and sometimes creepy stories from his medical practice. What conclusions did he draw? How did you feel? All the events described in the book, we go through with the author, with bated breath.

“Disciple” Tara Westover

Bestseller of 2018, which was recommended by Bill Gates himself. And in paperback! This is an inspiring and at the same time shocking story of a girl who was able to escape from a family of religious fanatics thanks to her desire for knowledge. This story has a tragic beginning, but an almost happy ending.

“Kurt Cobain” Dani Goldberg

Memories of the manager of Nirvana, one of the coolest rock bands of the millennium, of Kurt Cobain. Much of what was said in the book will sound for the first time, 25 years after the death of the grunge icon. Kurt Cobain “was one of the very few artists in rock ‘n’ roll history who could communicate in multiple cultural languages ​​at once – the energy of hard rock, the sincerity of punk rock, the infectious affection of hit songs and the inspiring appeal of social consciousness.” We recommend reading this book to all fans of the group and those who are not indifferent to the work of the great Kurt Cobain!

 Read books every day. Recharge with new knowledge. Become wiser!

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